Health Guide

Rock Your Stress Away
Studies suggest the humble, lowtech rocker can ease the stress and anxiety brought

Weight Loss the Natural Way
Almost everybody struggles with their weight at some point in their lives

The Ideal Fat Loss Program
In the weight loss industry there are variety of different fat loss programs

Running Barefoot
There is no question that running shoes today are far superior to anything

Yoga is "Unity."
Experienced Yoga practitioners often feel discouraged when a naturally gifted dancer, gymnast, or

Fats Explained
Fats provide a concentrated store of energy in the body Weight for weight

The Nick Saban Syndrome
I call it the Nick Saban syndrome Habitual lying or being so neurotic

The Health Numbers - Part 3
Physical health is something about which everybody is conscious about Good health and

How to Survive a Plateau!
Plateaus can be most frustrating There you are, making the correct food choices,

Need a New Recipe?
Are you tired of cooking the same old food day after day Is