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Home Nursing For Elderly

June 6th, 2014

The practice of in home nursing is become more prevalent due to the fact that more families have the desire to receive health care in their own homes. They loathe visiting a medical cent re or a nursing home if the patient is an elderly person. Initially the idea for in home nurses started when public health nurses would make visits to people’s homes to provide them with treatment and sometimes health education as a part of outreach programs in different communities. » Read more: Home Nursing For Elderly

More Than Pesticides Keeping Bugs Off Farmland

June 6th, 2014

U.S. producers want to limit their expenses as much as possible to preserve their slim profit margins. Consequently, they find alternatives to expensive pesticides whenever possible. For example, planting strains resistant to the boll weevil has allowed cotton farmers to trim their chemical dependency by 1.9 million pounds. Cotton’s dependency on pesticides has been cut in half since 1968. All of the major food crops use a full range of pest management practices, including the following: » Read more: More Than Pesticides Keeping Bugs Off Farmland