Top Three Jazz Festivals in New Jersey

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Jazz is uniquely American, blending musical influences from around the world to create something new and distinctive. For New Jersey residents, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the full spectrum of jazz music with a variety of jazz festivals to consider throughout the year. Whether you love jazz already or are just looking for something new to try, here are four of the most popular jazz festivals in the greater New Jersey area.

1. The Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation’s Summer of Music. This is not so much a single festival as it is three separate festivals put on by the same group. The Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation pools all of its resources to provide a jazz extravaganza each summer with festivals in Asbury Park, Point Pleasant and Long Beach. Each festival lasts for a full day, offering guests a spectacular opportunity to enjoy some of the best jazz acts on the East Coast. In addition to the music, each festival has arts, crafts, food, drink and more, making them great for the whole family. Asbury Park has easy access to the beach, and Point Pleasant has wonderful river views. Long Beach is right on the ocean and ends with a fireworks display. Better still, each festival is free to the public, making them fantastic options this summer.

2. Exit 0 International Jazz Festival. Another great choice is the Exit 0 International Jazz Festival. Located in Cape May, this festival takes place in late May and early June and runs for three amazing days. The festival takes over Cape May with more than 100 musicians from around the world. Exit 0 borrows ideas from European festivals, so guests can easily travel by foot from stage to stage. The range of music includes jazz, blues, soul and even R&B. The stages are all well chosen, including the Cape May Convention Hall for headlining acts. Other performances will be held at the Boiler Room in Congress Hall, Carney’s Main Room, Emlen Physick Estate, Cabanas and Harry’s Bar & Grill at the Montreal Beach Resort. There is also local food, crafts and beer on hand to cap off the experience.

3. Montclair Jazz Festival. This annual event takes place at Nishuane Park in Montclair, New Jersey. With 17 sprawling acres, the venue is perfect for this superb gathering of musical talent. With a full day of well-known and internationally acclaimed performers on hand, there is never a dull moment. As an added bonus, between headlining performances, guests will be treated to selections from students at Jazz House Kids. Guests are encouraged to bring their own seating, and outside food is welcomed. However, there are food vendors nearby as well. This festival is a bit more low key than some of the others, but the relaxed atmosphere makes it perfect for guests of all ages.

Jazz is a unique experience. Be sure to discover your perfect jazz destination with any of these New Jersey jazz festivals this year.

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